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Adopting a Galgo. Your questions, our answers.
First of all I need to tell you that i have a soft spot for Galgos. Well, i think you are not surprised! It's more than 10 years a first Galgo came into my life. I had no idea about Galgos, i didn't know them. I am from Barcelona and in my town there is no hunting with Galgos. Meeting my first Galgo was a whole new world for me. It was love at first sight. I became a Galgo lover, a Galgo fan, a Galgo supporter...
Those of you with a Galgo as a member of your family you know what i'm talking about. Sensibility, discretion, loyalty, gentleness, docility, kindness... Galgos are treasures. First time you meet a Galgo you know at once you will need a Galgo by your side the rest of your life.
Adopting a Galgo is easy, you need only love, time for strokes and the most important: a sofa! In Spain there is still lot of people thinking Galgos need big houses, with big gardens and they can't live in a flat. This is a big mistake! Galgo is the most lazy dog in whole world! Galgos sleep about 18 hours a day!
Young Galgos like to run, of course! They are athletes. They love to run as fast as they can for a few times, usually running with other dogs. But after few runnings they look at you like: ok mum (dad) that's all, we can go home, sofa is waiting for me!
Galgos are gregarious dogs. They are used to live lot of them in a very small place, and this is for ages. So they feel better with other dogs. They are very sociable with other dogs. If you are thinking about adopting a Galgo and you don't have other dogs at home... think about adopting 2 Galgos!
Usually Galgos are very clean. It's extraordinary but when i foster a galgo i need only to open the door once or twice and the new Galgo learns at once pee and poo is outside.
Many times you ask us if the Galgo knows to walk with the leash: well, unfortunately the answer is yes. And i said "unfortunately" because is really cruel the way Galgos have learnead: training Galgos by galgueros is doing dragging the dogs with 4x4, quads or motorcycles. Galgos have to run tied to the car and galguero driving don't stop if there is a Galgo who can't run as faster as the car is running... Galgos are forced for surviving to adapt the running to the car... For this terrible reason they know to walk with the leash with no problem.
Sometimes you have questions with more difficult answers, the most common: may the Galgo live with cats? From the first moment the Galgo come to us we repeat: remember sweety, cats are friends, cats are no food! I'm joking! Galgos are hunters and they are trained for ages to hunt rabbits and there's something called instinct. But Galgos can live with cats. In fact there are thousand adopted galgos living with cats. Galgos, as other dogs, they can learn to live with cats as members of the pack.
When you are interested in a Galgo and you want to be sure he can be with cats we always try to test him as better as we can. But we can't offer security at 100%. When i foster a new Galgo i don't know if he will be friend of my cat or if he'll prefer to eat her... It's my duty to learn the new Galgo he has to respect my cat and after 10 years fostering Galgos my cat is still with me! (Well, my cat makes sure the new Galgo knows from the first moment who is the boss at home... She welcomes every Galgo slapping him...) But remember, a cat is a member of the family when he is at home but he can become a rabbit if he runs in the street!
Other question is: may the Galgo live with children and the answer is YES! You know, Galgos are docile dogs, submissive and very obedient. They are delicated dogs (they move soft, they usually don't lick, they are discreet...) so Galgos are best friends for children. But remember, our Galgos are all of them mistreated dogs, so please, teach your children to be quiet and soft with the new Galgo as the Galgo will be with your children.
And what about men... oh oh oh! Well my friends, living with a man is not easy for nobody! hahahahhaa. Seriously, galgueros are men all of them, so it's always a man who has mistreated your adopted Galgo. Usually Galgos are afraid from men and they are not afraid from women. When we rescue a terrified Galgo we try to find a foster family with a man. This way our new Galgo will learn a man can be a sweet friend. He will learn hands of a man can also stroke and give love.
We always try to give Anja and Galgo Support Holland all the answers but remember the most part of our Galgos are living at the shelter. Answers about a fostered Galgo are easier you know? If you want to adopt my foster Galgo i can answer everything, even if he snores! Because he is living with me and i know him as well as i know my dogs. But most part of our dogs are living at the shelter. One of the reasons we decided to have a "small" shelter is because we want and we need to know our dogs as best as possible. This way is easy for us to make them happy and to find for them the family they need. And in fact we know our dogs pretty well. But we don't live with them 24 hours... unfortunately...
After reading all i wrote... my god... adopting a Galgo it's much more easier! I swear! Galgos are easy dogs, they are docile and submissive, so it's easy to teach them what you want. We try to take care of them as best as possible. And we try to answer all your questions as best as we can because we need our Galgos happy with their new families. 
If we find the "perfect" Galgo for you the "job" is well done: we have founded the perfect family for the Galgo.This is my aim, this is Galgo Support aim.
And when adopting a Galgo you forget to ask something... don't worry, Anja uses hard interrogation methods to have all the information! Sometimes she knows the Galgos better than me! ;-)
Sandra Rodríguez-Orta Rigo
February 2012

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