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Stories of rescued dogs
From the Spanish foster mom Helena
 juli 2009
Alma is a Podenco and she was trapped in a hunters trap in which she lost a leg, her owner stopped feeding her . We rescued her and now she is very happy and adopted.


To Laika we asked it one lady who the tapeworm all the day in bacón locked up and the daughter of that lady is very violent and she even gave tremendous beatings him getting to throw it against the wall. Me the welcome suit and as I saw that she began to be happy and did not separate of my I decided to adopt her. She died of an unfortunate accident of which I cannot speak without putting to me to cry, it was an error mine that will not pardon me in the life.
Tomas was found walking the streets at Christmas in Seville, one of our volunteers rescued him and took him to the kennels.
It was my turn to take him to the vets because he was unwell, he could hardly stand up and at the kennels they did not realize that he could not reach the food and water.
The vet gave him just 1 - 2 weeks of life, he was very old and so I decided that he would not die alone and in a cage at the kennels so I brought him home with me. He lasted another 5 months and at least he was happy, I miss him very much.
Tita was rescued by my colleagues along with others in some caves at a small town near to Sevilla.They were living in terrible conditions and i took her home along with Merlin.
Tita started to get better and gain some weight, we did not realize that the weight was due to the fact that she was pregnant, she had a beautiful baby on the 31st of December. Tita is living happily adopted in Seville.

This dog with only 4 months old was on the streets for some time, the people in the town would not help him because of the way he looked, fortunately a friend who works in the emergency hotline, received the call that he had gone into a Chinese shop. She called Teresa and we went for him. We took him to the vets, bathed him and he had sarna. He was in the vets one night and the next day I took him home to make him better with his medication. He was adopted by a volunteer from galgos 112 and now lives very happily with her in Barcelona.

Milagros was rescued from the country in Huelva, she was already ill with leishmania, her kidneys were bad and she was old and very frightened.
I fostered her for what was supposed to be one week and that week turned into 2 years because I adopted her. I loved her with all my soul (like all of them) but she was very special to me.

I received the call about Tanque from somebody i know, she told me he was tied up to a tree, it was mid august (45º) and o did not even stop to think, I went to get him and I found him just like you can see in the photo. I took him to the vets and he had saran, I took him home but only for two days, he was very boisterous and he hurt my other dogs even though he was only playing.
So I took him to the kennels, I visited him every week, played with him, took him for walks and gave him treats. He had to go to the vets every 15 days and at last he was totally cured. He was adopted and month later the family took him to the vets, you cannot imagine how he was, he had lost around 15 kilos and he had saran again because his defenses had gone down, so we took him off the family and we put him in the kennels again.

He was in the kennels for another year and a half and finally his angel arrived from Aviles, she came with friends so they could drive the 9-10 hours taking turns without stopping. They brought with them loads of presents for the animals at the refuge, they ate with us and then went back to their home with Tanque
Tanque now lives totality happy and healthy with 3 more bulldogs.


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